16 November, 2008

That Sound in your Head.. 2

Corollary :
More that sound in my head I hear...
Greater will be the frequency of blog entries you'll find here :)

12 November, 2008

Divided or Equal ?

Thats it now.. I've heard enough..

It all started long time ago I guess.. I mean this irritating feeling...

Obama's becoming a President is an achievement.. because he's a Black.. as if it wouldn't qualify to be an achievement otherwise.. we make it sound as if it isn't his political stand on issues that matters but the colour.. and then we talk about equality blah blah...

Today's TOI (front page) said "Two big Hindu leaders under ATS scanners".. as if 2 leaders being under the scanner wouldn't catch your eyeballs...

What is it with us.. to associate every issue with caste, colour, religion... I don't know about other countries, but somehow, all of us, I mean us Indians, have a habit to categorize everyone.. and we'd make sure we'll find a reason.

We all take pride that we are a nation with so many cultures , castes and religions.. and we all still coexist.. but I sometimes wonder if we really do..

Given the slightest opportunity, we are willing to point fingers at another, and justify it by simply saying the person is a Hindu or a Muslim..

What is it with us ??

11 November, 2008

That Sound in your Head

Has it happened that their is a constant voice in your head.. which just doesnt stop...
Some call it conscience, some call it sub-sonscious.. some call it your alter ego..

I feel its just our mind playing games..
saying things that we'd probably hesitate saying out aloud..

and the lesser you talk to people, the stronger the voice in your head grows...

10 November, 2008


Its important to express your opinion.. but its even more important to express it in the correct way and to the right people...

Thats my learning for the day !!!

06 November, 2008

The New Age

"The age of status quo is dead. In every sphere, people want more than gradual growth. They are looking for radical results. Risk-takers. They want an upheaval. A metamorphosis. They will experiment. "
~ Sanjay Jha

Are we ?

PS : source of the quote : Why Raj Thackeray Blew It

30 October, 2008

Wilde says the darnest things

“There are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that others might pick them up.”
~ Oscar Wilde (in The Picture of Dorian Gray)

Dont we wonder about this all the time..
when will it be that I'll make a decision not because someone told me to, but because I wanted to...

28 October, 2008

Honestly Wilde :)

"There is a luxury in self reproach.
When we blame ourselves we feel that no one else has the right to blame us"
~ Oscar Wilde (in The Picture of Dorian Gray)

I am yet to find an author who is as blatantly honest as Oscar Wilde.
Ironically, it is these pieces of truth in his writing that appear to us as satire/wit.

11 October, 2008

Another Arbid thought

Sannata Sunai Nahin Deta, 
Aur Hawayen Dikhayi Nahin Deti
Socha Hai Kya Kabhi, Hota Hai Yeh Kyun..

These are the lyrics of a song from Rock On!
What caught my attention is actually what the lyricist is trying to point out..

It rings a bell when he says that we try and give a name to everything.. even things we cannot see..

22 September, 2008

Me ~ A Cupboard

By now all of you must have realized what a psychologically demented person i am... here's adding on to the same...

A thought recently ran into my mind... that i am very similar to a cupboard... open or closed depending on my moods :)

Lets go stepwise..
You need some power (read brain power aka intellect!!) to make me open up, for me to start communicating with you... that's the power needed to open the cupboard..
Next are the many compartments in a cupboard that are present once you open it..
what is immediately visible is the exterior, kept on hangers, what i showcase to the world..
but what is of greater significance is what is hidden in the locked drawers of the cupboard.. like a window to my psyche..
and yes, its not necesssary that the harder you try, greater the success rate of opening up one of the closed drawers, if you push too hard, the lock just might break ;), so beware !!

I don't know if this parallel applies to all..
but it definitely holds true for me...

17 August, 2008

Jealous !!

I am jealous of the person i love the most
not because he doesnt love me
but because someone else gets to love him too...

05 August, 2008


Khamoshiyaan gungunane lagi..
Tanhaiyaan muskurane lagi..

01 August, 2008

Selling !!!

An article i recently read got me thinking...

What is it that education gives us.. we all strive for education, good quality education, from premier institutes of the world.. but what do we actually learn..
Hasn't our focus shifted totally, from content to the cover.. from substance to mere brands... isn't that what we are all chasing...

Marketing and hard selling seem to have become such an integral part of our life, that we don't 'develop' a liking for anything that is not 'sold' to us...
I guess "Beauty lies in substance" belongs to an old school of thought which ceases to exist in today's world...

What is worse is our justification for the need of selling.. have we all stopped trusting our sense of judgement.. the judgement of identifying what is right without someone trying to create a bias for something....

What is it that propels this thought.. i am yet to comprehend...

17 July, 2008

Lets Party !!

Have you ever felt out of place in a party with your friends...
That's just the way i felt today... and in some twisted way, i am resposible for it.. mayeb i didnt make the effort to enjoy myself....

Ironically, all of them enjoyed themselves...

10 June, 2008


I'd like to thank my stars for the kind of parents i have..
for the freedom they've always given me in deciding.. and showing faith in what i decide...
I really don't know whom to thank for the way it is...
but who ever it is that i should thank... THANK YOU !!!!

07 June, 2008

Think before you speak..

Learnt this today the hard way..
"It takes three years to learn how to use the tongue, but a lifetime to learn where and when to use appropriately."

13 May, 2008

Life - a fair deal ?

I don't know what hurts more...
the thought that you deserved better.. or that someone who deserved good things in life didn't get anything at all...
I know we all talk about life being fair to all...
That we win some and we lose some..

But nothing hurts more than to see that someone less capable has shot ahead of you...

17 April, 2008

Brain Drain

We all talk about brain drain.. it seems to be the socially relevant thing to do..
But if it ccontinues this way, with reservations for different sections of the society, the bright people will definitely have to look out for alternatives universities/locations for education...
The industry & the corporate world should take a firm stand on the issue...
or they should forever be mum when they discuss availability of skilled manpower...

15 April, 2008

Celebrate 1 n all

What is a celebration.
Is it the commemoration of a moment YOU wish to treasure,
or is it an announcement to the world.

13 April, 2008

Oops.. they've done it again

So its elections season again..
And the government has decided to use reservations as the bait this time around..
After the prolonged debate... and public outrage... be it MBBS students and the public..
the government suddenly became silent on the whole issue.. and the people, especially students, became hopeful that there is justice..
there is hope...
that equality is not restricted to reservations of seats but is about everyone getting a chance to compete openly, in the circumstances they are, without any external aid...

But now that the elections are looming ahead, the government has decided that reservations is the solution...
And we are back to trying to seek admission into a prestigious instutute, feeling at a disadvantage....