22 August, 2012

Horn ? Please !

If you are living in Delhi (or maybe any part of this country) and drive yourself to work... what do you to think is the single most persistent sound that you can hear (ofcourse, besides the non stop blabbering of your head !)... the Horn !!

The ever so irritating sound, that just doesn't go as long as you are on the road... though the purpose of a horn is to alert people on the road if they are on the way (yes, yes.. that thing has a purpose)... it seems to be an indicator of our impatience, a bike howling its way on the road, or just mindless show off...

After much thought, I feel that the best way to curb the unnecessary usage is by linking the horn with the usage of fuel... so everytime you go for your horn, you will also be loosing a drop of petrol.... Once the damn thing is not free to blow away, we will all be more thoughtful and mindful as to when to use it...

And hopefully, in the future, we'll have a more peaceful drive to work and back home... sigh !!!!

Photo Credit: The Hindu, http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/open-page/article979404.ece