19 November, 2006


kissi ke intezaar mae hum baithe hai
pur samay to kut he nahi raha...
aur ye ghatta hai
ke mujhe uksa ke chal di !

02 November, 2006

On / Off

I learnt a very interesting concept recently..

We all face situations in life when people have a tendency to tick us off... some do it intentionally and some unintentionally.. but in either case , the reflection of what they've said/done is reflected in our moods.. we generally tend to become reactive after such incidents, spoiling our mood ( and even our day sometimes )...

The challenge lies in not letting such people/situations affect us..
Going by the concept , it says that anytime someone tries to do such things (read : Tries to Turn you OFF) , one must make a conscious effort and Turn ourselves On again (pun totally unintended ;)). And what is even more important to remember is that though someone has made the effort to turn us Off , only if we try on our own can we get switched back On.

An easy and effective way i have discovered for achieving the above is simply by trying to think if the person is worth spoiling your mood.. it works most of the times...

Quote :
It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.
~ Robert H Schuller