30 November, 2010

And the Memory Remains

Moving on is simple, it's what you leave behind that makes it so difficult.

Photograph: Ahmed Shajee Aijazi & Hamza Azeem - "Escaping Birth"

25 November, 2010

Life & Nature

I was high (in the air.. what did you think ;)) when it all came to me....

Clouds are like dreams... we see them give shape of our thoughts..
And when dreams collide...  it rains !! Eureka!!
which then either go down the drain (literally !!) or do something more constructive...

19 November, 2010


udaan bharne ki koshish sabhi karte hai
kuch pankho ke saaath, aur kuch apne hauslo se

par udne mae mazaa tabhi aata hai
jab lage na darr, neechae aane se

17 November, 2010


Everytime I'm falling down all alone, 
I fall to pieces...