29 September, 2015

Work - Life

All of us (or atleast most of us) slog at office..
We explain the donkey work in one of the many ways... financial independence... fruitful (fruitful ? for whom ?!?) utilization of time... alternate social circle.. 

Whatever the excuse, we always find reasons to work more... push the limits.. try and prove that we are the best ...

Little do we realize, that the trade off if ticking someone off... someone you'd want to be a part of your life... for life :)

Jobs are temporary... but in the strife to excel at work, we loose track of our home... and annoy (often more than once) the person you'd rather be with..... and in effect, loosing them for life....

So is it all worthwhile... 
in the end... 
what matters more ?
"Your" life or your "Life" ?!?

27 September, 2015


walking around the streets
gaining miles
beating the dust
meeting new people
gaining trust...

travelling is a form of catharsis..
making me realize what I really want...

14 September, 2015


There is no such thing as duty. If you know that a thing is right, you want to do it. If you don't want to do it—it isn't right. If it's right and you don't want to do it—you don't know what right is and you're not a man.

~ Ayn Rand, We The Living

07 September, 2015

Arbid thoughts

a fit
a burst
a thought
a curse

just rambling
no passion
just ambling
no reason

long days
sad ways
life - a journey
wasted away

04 September, 2015

Small Things in Life

Off late I seem to be missing the small things in life...

Does it make any sense when I say that I miss those random midnight chats with friends.... being able to call anyone at anytime of the day/night.... those arbitrary discussion about a travel trip which starts with seeing the photos... the wish to have all meals together...  24hrs with no one but myself... I can go on an on... 

But somehow, the sudden realization that I probably won't be able to do any of this is giving me a dull feeling of missing out on life... 

Somehow it is these small moments in life that I am missing... and in effect, the bigger things being achieved seemed to look paler in comparison...