29 October, 2014


Anger is a funny thing
makes you do what you shouldn't
makes you wish that you hadn't done it anyway
and still doesn't give you the satisfaction of what you wanted

19 October, 2014

Action.... Reaction...

Watching Haider told a very hard hitting fact loud and clear..

That as a nation, we might think that all the violence is justified... that keeping in mind the bigger picture, it is all for the better...
But for those stuck in the middle... the ones actually affected.. they'll always have a different tale to tell.... whether is it Punjab, Kashmir, Assam ......

What we often overlook, is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction... so for such widespread action, there will be a similar mass reaction... waiting to happen somewhere.....

06 October, 2014

Wavering thoughts

the mindless banter
the conscious avoidance
the constant look out 
wondering what you are upto

it feels strange to be so aware
of senses beyond my own
of a fluttering in my heart
and a pace quite unkown

I was dangerously close
to take the deep plunge
to try and please you
oh my dear ego !