28 April, 2010

Virtual Reality

Ayn Rand's world of perfect competition is one in which I'd love to live in.... where everything is as per my capability and capacity, the fruit I get it what I've earnt.. 
and I have no family to satisfy...
and I have absolute health... no worry of diseases (I'm not talking about a diseased thought though)..

21 April, 2010

Passing the buck

We all have the tendency to blame our parentage for most things.. for our habits, opinions, things we do wrong...
We do learn quite a lot from our parents, but then blaming it all on them, and simply passing the buck (for not doing something the right way) is just escapism..

Its about time (considering we've spent about a quater of a century on this planet) that we stake claim to our actions and doings.

02 April, 2010


Here's my friend's status message... liked it a lot...

Main logon se mulaqaton ke lamhe yaad rakhti hoon,
Main baatein bhool bhi jaon, toh lehje yaad rakhti hoon,
Sar-e-mehfil nigahein mujh pe jin logon ki parti hai,
Nigahon ke hawale se main chehre yaad rakhti hoon,
Zara sa hut ke chalti hoon zamane ki riwayat se,
Ke jin pe bhoj main daloon woh kandhe yaad rakhti hoon!