17 June, 2018


When your mind goes blank
But your feet won't stop
Churning words in your head
which won't tumble out

Angry thoughts lead on
to frustrated actions
The hurt in your head
just suddenly hurls out

Instantaneously frustration 
becomes guilt
The words lashed out
were not meant to hit

Yet no words will add up now
As the demon in your head has taken a new form.

28 May, 2018

Dealing with Life's Deal

One verdict.. and your world turns upside down..
Suddenly, your plans seem to be a far away thought.. 
all focus shifts to the immediate obstacle..

But for someone who always believed and going with the flow... with a kind of preconceived notion that whatever happens, happens for the best... I am beginning to wonder if this attitude lacks the aggression and ferocity needed to face challenges.....

Maybe one rethinks everything once in a while..
Call it catharsis... call it review & renewal...
Source: https://www.cartoonstock.com/cartoonview.asp?catref=rhan543

23 May, 2018

Self Appraisal

What would you do if someone asked you to appraise yourself.... will you do what the word is trying to say i.e. ap'praise' yourself (considering your next years salary, and in some cases the job, is dependent on it !) or will you take a step back and actually do what it takes.

It is very easy to say that what we write is genuinely what we believe has been our contribution... but more often than not (unless we are delusional), we know the truth about where we stand...

This is not just true about our professional lives but also our personal lives...

So how do we do an honest one, atleast in our personal spaces... because it doesn't seem easy to take a step back and look at the situation and how one is faring....

Mirror mirror on the wall... who is the fairest of us all !

29 April, 2018

Word Play

Words are a very powerful tool, but how the words are used makes them even more powerful... Poetry and Prose are the perfect example.. the shorter the better....

So when I recently read these lines in Colson Whitehead's Underground Railroad, they struck a chord...

... a visitation of a magnificent presence, a seeker awaiting a message. A conservation between an acorn, a sapling, and a powerful oak.... Poems are too close to prayer, rousing regrettable passions. Waiting for God to rescue you when it was up to you. Poetry and prayer put ideas in people's heads that got them killed, distracting them from the ruthless mechanism of the world....

Though there is a wide body of work by many poets, including famous Bards and Barons, but this Lady is one of the best.

Fame is a fickle food
Upon a shifting plate
Whose table once a
Guest but not
The second time is set
Whose crumbs the crows inspect
And with ironic caw
Flap past it to the
Farmer’s corn
Men eat of it and die

~ Emily Dickinson

10 April, 2018

Purpose in Pleasure

How do you draw the line between purpose and pleasure... 
What if you find pleasure in your purpose...
Or better still, purpose in pleasure..

Does that belittle the pleasure or the purpose ?!?

25 March, 2018

Alone in the World ?

Read this on Facebook recently... Written by Philip John...
It is not the way it is written, but more about what he tried to say that rang a bell....

Alone in the World
She writes a poem for her lover. She thinks it is a good poem. When she sends it to her lover he says, “Thank you, it’s nice.” As though she had given him not a poem but a cup of tea. Why, he should be grateful. How many people can say they have lovers who write poems for them? She feels alone in the world of her poem that perhaps only she truly and fully understands.

Later that week she discovers her favourite writer is going to be present at a literary festival. Finally, a chance to hear him speak, perhaps even meet him. At the festival she manages to have a word with him while he autographs her book. Many people complained they did not “get” the writer’s last book. But she loved the book and she tells the writer this. “Thank you for writing this book,” she tells him. “When an artist of your caliber writes with such intimacy and fearlessness your book is a gift to the world.” The writer thanks her warmly. But she cannot stop. Some force larger than her has seized her. So she continues: “The book is a risk, a dare. It has lingered in my mind for years. It has become a part of my interior life.” The writer thanks her again. Then he turns to leave. Something comes over her. “Sir!” she says. The writer turns around. “’Don’t bother about the readers who don’t get it,” she says, “and who don’t thank you enough, your book is great, it changed my life.”

The writer’s eyes soften. Something passes in the air between him and her. Like a bridge. He nods graciously at her and smiles. She raises her hand in an awkward half-wave. Then he is really gone for good. She watches his retreating back as it gets smaller and smaller until he disappears from view. This man who took seven years to complete that book, who arranged words and images in an intricate shape that was close to him, like the shape of a birthmark on a lover's thigh. Who wrote knowing that no one but him might truly and fully understand his design. And yet he did it, took the risk of being alone in the world with something he made. Something full of his blood and thoughts. If he could do it, she could do it too.

20 March, 2018

The One

We ultimately want the same thing in life... 
To be wanted and to have someone we want next to us in our lives....

Through the many changes in life, it is very difficult to say when or how these people keep changing, sometimes bringing back the same old people.... as if nature need one more way to tell us that what goes back comes back !

The tricks our mind plays, directly and subconsciously to be the one, is amazing... and sometimes even amusing....

2 March 2018