30 November, 2017

Truth be told

I have often, and on some days, multiple times in a single day, wondered if it is worth it to "present" the reality in a more palatable form. In our bidding to cushion the blow, or save the day, or sometimes just save ourselves from giving explanations, we invent the truth or maybe window-dress it... without realizing that it will all catch up with us.

With an already overburdened brain, one often tends to get lost in the various shades visible and forget what it really looks like, only to get a rude shock when a situation presents itself.

Though it might seem tough, and often tedious to deliver the truth, it is definitely easier in the long run, than to keep remembering what one has said so far.

If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.
~ Mark Twain

18 November, 2017

The Last Mile

I will drop dead some day... hopefully it won't be long and painful (fingers crossed).. 

Can't stake claims on any great achievements, so my send off, obviously will be inline.... I know I'd be missed by my near and dear, but I don't think I'd like a long a dreary ceremony to put me to rest....

I can just be donated in parts or to some medical college in full (if my health permits)... or simply be burnt down to ashes with all that is left put in soil with a nice plant/tree on top.. it feels like a appropriate final destination... Don't seem to like the idea of flowing down the Ganges, or being washed down the Yamuna....

PS: Don't worry... I am not in a suicidal mode... this is not a death wish... this is just what I ideally want done when I finally kick the bucket...

04 November, 2017

Parenting Reversed

I think most of you grow up wanting to be good parents.. in effect, we end up parenting not just our children but our siblings, friends, family, and even our parents. Little do we realize that most of these people never signed up/needed someone to parent them.

The realization dawned when my mother pointedly mentioned that their holidays are more adventurous and fun when I am not around with them, since there is no one constantly telling her to mind her step, or second guess if she'd be able to climb the mountain.
As much as I'd like to deny this, it is probably true. Call it concern, or pure-simple role reversal, we, as children are hard-wired to keep second guessing such things about our parents.

Life does come a full circle after all....
From our parents wondering about our well being when we as children sought freedom and adventure, to a complete 180 degree, where we consider ourselves as their care taker, and they seek a new horizon.

15 October, 2017

Discussions and Decisions

We work in groups... teams...
And each person wants to add value to the discussion.. to every decision...
till there comes a point where the point is lost..
And it all seems in vain...

The more people spoke, the closer to consensus every decision came, and the less responsibility anyone had.

~ Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

07 October, 2017

That drop when it falls...

I don't know why I started crying...
I worse still, I don't know why the tears aren't stopping... 
It's not like I've not endured worse and put up with it.. Or atop that drop from coming out of the corner of my eye....

Maybe the floodgates just got crashed, and now nothing is stopping them...
I guess it'll take its time to dry up...

But while it lasts, let it all get out...
So that nothing remains..
And everything can start afresh..

PS: Bottle up stuff, and the odds are that it'd present itself as anger or tears or both !

14 September, 2017


I'll not run anyone's life – nor let anyone run mine. 
I will not rule nor be ruled. 
I will not be a master nor a slave. 
I will not sacrifice myself to anyone – nor sacrifice anyone to myself. 

~ Ayn Rand
Textbook of Americanism

29 August, 2017

70 years of Independence, yet miles to go before we sleep

The recent Dera incident has made one thing very clear. Irrespective of what the underlying issue, be it Rape or simply reservation for few people, our instant reaction is violence and uncontrollable outburst. I am still unable to comprehend how any follower of the "god" men can react in such a way to support a rapist.... I wonder if even one-tenth of them with stand in arms with the one who has been raped. We are just pathetic.

But that's not the core issue.... why most of these people have such staunch die-hard followers is because in some other twisted ways, they have worked for the society... be it free hospitals or education or just basic meals. 
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely hate the guts of these people who claim to work for the society's betterment and behind curtains commit such sins.... 
But the point still remains... for someone who can't afford a square meal a day, if someone ensures clean food or proper medication or a roof to stay, the person will be given a demi-god status.

The absolute basics, roti - kapda - makaan, which the state should have ensured for each citizen by now, is still a far away dream even after 70 years of Independence. Till the state steps up and provides these essentials, there will always be someone/ some institution which misuses this weakness of the people to derive their end purpose.