08 December, 2019

The joy of Company

Often, I have wondered if being in the company of friends-who-are-family and family-like-friends is overrated. But increasingly, I am beginning to get convinced that 'the pleasure' of being alone is overrated.

For the last fortnight, I was looking forward to a weekend alone, trying to get up-to-date with myself. I had convinced myself that I would have fun and enjoy. But life had a different plan. I ended up spending the entire weekend, not being alone, and totally enjoyed the process. 
The endless discussions about the useful and the useless events in life, might not have added to my knowledge, but left me with this warm feeling that it is never enough.

While having your own space is important, I don't think anything comes close to being able to share, without any inhibitions or worry about opinions.

So a big thanks to my Guardian Angel, who chose to spend time with me and give me company all through the weekend  !

26 November, 2019


After all the fuss around Women's Day, Men's Day seems to be the flavour of the season.
While there seem to be different aspects both these phenomenon's seem to be talking about... but the crux of all the communication around them talks about one thing.

Avoid Stereotyping !

Yes, be it man or wo-man, these is no single box that can be assigned to men - only or women - only. Each have their own characteristics, some unique, some similar...

The strength of the person is not in whether they are driven by estrogen or testosterone.. it is the unique 'combination' of their characteristics that makes them strong.

03 November, 2019


An empty mind is a devil's workshop...
so what does an empty blogpost signify ?

26 October, 2019

Goof Up

What does one do after you realize you have goofed up....
I am mean after the realization dawns....

Once we get past the moaning and groaning of what a fool we have been not to see this coming... what next.....

Make amends, so that future goof ups are avoided... Done...

Do you then go and inform the other impacted parties about your goof up ? 
Own up the mistake ? I guess one should.. 
And hope that they all forgive and forget... 
So that you are not taunted for the rest of your life about it...


28 September, 2019

Music knows no Borders

While we try and comprehend the various changes the government has managed overnight in the status of J&K along with the freedom it has finally given Ladakh from being treated as a part of this highly militarized area, we have successfully managed to make both our neighbours curse the Indian government simultaneously.

The debate, on whether this move will lead to consequences - good, bad and ugly - is an endless one.. with people from all quarters saying different things.The ones who will actually face the music are the ones staying in this area, be it the internal lock down or the sudden alertness on the border.

If it were not for our inherent patriotism, it would be difficult (from a humanitarian perspective) to decide whether the consequences being faced at the border and in the state are justified.

While a lot of these discussions end in a heated manner, with strong views on the Defense of the country, the conclusion, more often than not, remains the same - that there are more political gains associated with such moves as against a nations interest.

The best example to prove this is how the artists and sports persons across such sparring nations seem to be coexist well in all places except the country's borders.

This song by Piyush Mishra (for Coke Studio) is a perfect example of all that is alike yet different. Please focus on the lyrics of the song :)

26 September, 2019

Puppets on a Chain

We expect something great...
We gush towards the outcome...
All roads seem to head in the right direction...

Then suddenly, Life seems to slam the brakes..
And we realize that a moment is all it takes...
For all the hopes to come crumbling down..
To loose what we thought we had found..

It only makes one realize that we are a mere pawn...
Dancing to the tunes from dusk to dawn...

And then again, we begin to find hope..
And again we think, we hold the rope !

30 August, 2019

Battles with Self

We might have millions of people around.. . 
Well-wishers who want the best for you.. 
But finally, our decisions are something 
we have to deal with on our own. 

Does it mean that we are lonely? Maybe. 
But even if you were cushioned in a life full of loving people, these are the battles you have to fight all alone. 

21 August, 2019


Boredom is a funny thing. Or maybe our mind is.
When we are overworked, we look forward to a phase of no work... and as soon as we hit such a patch, we crave for work. Wonder if there is anything called a Balanced work-life.

20 August, 2019

Mind your Mindset

Almost on a daily basis, the newspapers and online portals seem to carry news regarding rapes, acid attacks and other such hate crimes, driven not out of desperation but a vile sense of self accomplishment or fulfillment. Often I wonder if the society has just become more violent, or if the media is more receptive to such news, or if the person who has undergone the trauma have now started coming out in the open.

Either ways, it is scary to think that we live in a world where such vile thoughts are so common place, and worse still, that such people continue with their lives while the ones who take these encounters head on and survive them are called 'victims'.

I am not sure what needs to be done to make the society more live-able. One thing is for sure. It isn't the supposed 'victim' who needs to be treated but the mindset of those who do these things. Also, society at large needs to be made more accountable. Most of us seem to be happy living our cosy lives till we hear an encounter in first person.

Read a very apt Article by Vasu Primlani recently. As her friend rightly put it, They don’t need teaching. The women don’t need help; the men do – help them!

31 July, 2019


Wonder what to make of it...
when all the people you treat as friends seem to disappear...
and you are left with ... just people around you...

Does that mean you are past your time ? 
Is it just time to leave now ?

Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn't work. 
Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. 
Then we would have to say good-bye. I hate good-byes. 
I know what I need. I need more hellos.

~ Charles M Schulz