16 October, 2013

Simplicity.. Genius !

You and me... we talk.. discuss... 
pen down our philosophies.. the challenges we face....
We are the Surplus educated..

And this is what the concern of (what he himself calls), a little educated man can result in...

Kudos !!!

15 October, 2013

Gender Equality ?

A man is free to use the streets as his toilet, and flick out their p**** not bothering who all they are showing it off to....
And the slightest sign of a cleavage is sufficient to say that women don't dress up properly... they provoke the "man"kind...

And then we talk about Gender Equality !!!!

05 October, 2013


MG Road, Gurgaon
Inside a Car
No street lights
Long queue of trucks
Truck drivers
You enter the Car
And I weep
Finally relieved that I am not all alone

PS: What amazes me is our vulnerability in such a situation... no one can understand unless they experience it..

02 October, 2013


Few know what we deserve... and even fewer get what we deserve...
Because in our view, we always have a justification to give.. an answer worthy of the situation... It is for the other to decide... to react as per their senses...

Because there ought to be a greater cause... a bigger picture... a balance... that makes it all worthwhile...

Because sometimes... the truth isn't good enough... Sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded....
~ Dark Knight