16 February, 2015

Sar Uthaa Ke Jiyo

Interestingly, in a short span of 2 weeks, I've encountered 2 ads which I really liked... Incidentally, both are promotions from Insurance companies (I guess it's that time of the year when Insurance companies peak their ad time)..

The first one is from HDFC Life - Apno ko Apne Dum pe Jeena Sikhao, from Leo Burnett... the ad is spot on, because it aptly communicates the need for Life Insurance.... almost like LIC's punchline Zindagi ke saath bhi, Zindagi ke baad bhi, except in a very soft and subtle way... 

The second one is from Birla Sunlife - Khud Ko Kar Buland, from Taproot Communication... the ad, through the relationship between a father and his autistic son, touches on the need for insurance, not just for yourself, but those dependent on you..

Both communications have been brilliantly crafted, and leave you with a warm feeling, and an after thought... and the understanding about the necessity of such policies.

However, ironically, both these ads have touched a raw nerve for many policy holders who have dealt with these insurance companies... Both ads seem to have covered illnesses/predicaments which are not covered by such policies.... whether we talk about expenses pertaining to psychiatric/psychological illnesses, or those pertaining to prosthetics these policies don't cover them... very few insurance companies are now opening up towards the same... Infact run a random search on google, and the answer will be loud and clear...

So as much as I wish to appreciate the sentiment being conveyed in both the ads, I think the campaign manager seems to have missed a core issue... unless that's the change they are wishing to highlight !!!

01 February, 2015

The Delhi Race

The run up to the Delhi Elections is on... 

For the first time, we have 2 highly qualified individuals running for the post of Chief Minister... both with their set of deeds and misdeeds...

No matter who wins, I hope they use their intelligence and administrative experience to good use, for the benefit of the capital.

And finally, (in continuation to the previous post) someone raises their voice, and the court acts :)