22 September, 2008

Me ~ A Cupboard

By now all of you must have realized what a psychologically demented person i am... here's adding on to the same...

A thought recently ran into my mind... that i am very similar to a cupboard... open or closed depending on my moods :)

Lets go stepwise..
You need some power (read brain power aka intellect!!) to make me open up, for me to start communicating with you... that's the power needed to open the cupboard..
Next are the many compartments in a cupboard that are present once you open it..
what is immediately visible is the exterior, kept on hangers, what i showcase to the world..
but what is of greater significance is what is hidden in the locked drawers of the cupboard.. like a window to my psyche..
and yes, its not necesssary that the harder you try, greater the success rate of opening up one of the closed drawers, if you push too hard, the lock just might break ;), so beware !!

I don't know if this parallel applies to all..
but it definitely holds true for me...