19 March, 2013

Atheist v/s Theist

A friend recently shared these quotes with me. Made a lot of sense.

“An Atheist who refuses to enter a temple because he doesn’t believe in God actually does so because he believes there is God inside Temple.”

“A Theist who prays to God, actually has no faith in God because he prays for God to do things his way, instead of trusting God’s wisdom and not praying at all.”

Eat Together... Stay Together

We spend a majority of our day at work... come home tired.. and eventually fall asleep...
In today's materialistic world, the few precious moments one can spend with their family is at the breakfast/dinner table...

You might think that this is an old fashioned thought.. I mean who eats at the dining table nowadays. Isn't it better utilization of time to watch TV side-by-side..
The dining table is the only opportunity for the family to sit together and talk, mostly the mundane activities of the day, and effectively stay in touch with each other.

We might be living under the same roof, but may not have a clue about the other persons life. 
And so.... I strongly believe that a Family which eats together, stays together.

Which is why the Coca Cola campaign, Khanna to hai bahaana makes good sense to me :)