17 July, 2015

Curb the Urge

Have you wondered why men tend to urinate on the road... 
It doesn't matter which road it is... whether it is adjoining a house, a school or a hospital... but it just looks like they can't hold back when they have the urge.... they just have to unzip and get it done with... And don't live under the illusion that it is a particular section of the society which indulges in this....

Men of all shapes and sizes, sects and races... everyone... and some don't even bother looking for a lone spot....
Have they never wondered for women control their urges ? What would one say if they saw women also squatting on the side of the road !!!! And anyway, if control was the issue, it is time to introduce men to their childhood companions... read diapers :D

So the next time you spot someone lightening them self by the road side, just hand him a diaper and ask him to wear one till he reaches home !! 


  1. I wanted to give him a diaper. But I could not go near him. He is a cabinet minister doing his stuff accompanied by 4 armed body guards. HeHeHe.

    1. Haha.... I wonder when they will learn..