26 July, 2015

Time to Change

The recent speech given by Shashi Tharoor at Oxford is simply brilliant... not just because of the courage of putting it across, in interspersed with humour in the Queen's own country, but also for the various points he touched upon, but also the spontaneity with which he connected what he knew, with what the other participants said... even something as trivial as the wifi password was used to make a point.

Having said that, it is also strange that even after 60 years of independence, we never miss a chance to blame the British for our current situation. What Tharoor did was oratory. 
But if that's our excuse for things not working even now, I think we need to think again. Consider Japan, a nation which was partly wiped out around the same time we got our independence, which has managed to literally rise from the ashes, and done a brilliant job of it too....

Indians have got used to making excuses... first it was the invaders... then the britishers... now our own politicians... the reason may have changed, but we haven't... I think it's time we get our act together, and decide to make the change we wish to see...

Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours.
~ Richard Bach

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