24 July, 2015

Fate in the hands of Faith

All of us like to keep faith... in something... in anything...
Infact, if there is a single defining phenomenon in the country, it is that we all are patient about almost everything (from putting up to with the antics of corrupt politicians to keeping up with the delay in the repair of roads), and keep faith... As Aamir Khan says in the famous movie, we'd like to believe that All izzz Well !

But I've noticed that we try to obejectify ( I don't think there is any such word, but I can't seem to find an appropriate word which shares the same intent !) our Faith.... As of result of this, a small twig of Tulsi to a Banyan tree end up becoming a place of worship. What starts out with someone keeping flowers, leads on to someone lighting a lamp... and one fine day, the pavement gets cemented, and the area becomes a place of worship, with an idol installed.

Ultimately what was actually a pavement/walkway and effectively public property, gets obstructed, with no possible recourse on even the government getting back the land....

It is these sites of roadsides "places of worship" that become the biggest hindrance to widening of roads and other infrastructure plans...

I am not sure if all this is part of a bigger racket, because places of worship ultimately seem to have the huge coffers of money... eitherways, the social bodies need to find a way to curb these activities. Just the way street vendors and shops can be opened in pre-defined location, else they are vacated; the government bodies should also have the courage to vacate these sudden places that keep sprouting around the city.

It is okay to have faith, but depending only on faith to change your fate..... I doubt if that will work !!!

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