28 June, 2017

Unfiltered Words

We are simpler and more honest people when we are younger... what is on our mind is what comes of our mouth... the blatant brutal truth...  added to that, we never bothered filtering any information with our family/loved ones.

But it seems like the older we become, we put in a lot of thought into everything we do, be it a simple good morning to conversation over coffee.... cheerful banter with friends or simple things to be shared... till a point where the thinking becomes over thinking... 

The joy of sharing suddenly becomes a well thought out exercise.... thoughts to be shared are treated like burdening the other person, wondering if the would affect the person too much (or maybe not at all)... leading to muted conversations and longer silences...

The urge to share thoughts is replaced by the thought of whether to burden a person... We know the issue is important, and yet we assume it isn't vital for the other to know....

Simple uncomplicated words and conversations, which were earlier treated as bridges to forge stronger relationships are now weighed down by the myopic view of whether the words will affect the other persons mind...

We were better as child... we didn't know right from wrong... but we also didn't have a filter planted in our head, weighing everything under pros and cons...... everything was so much more clear cut and uncomplicated.


  1. That spontaneity is gone. Very sad.

    1. Yes... Always wonder if the trade off is worth it..