10 June, 2016

Patterns in Life

Most people try and explain what life is with expressions, images... but I am yet to come across a more appropriate description... Its actually a part of The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon.

Prime numbers is what is left when you take all the patterns away. Prime numbers are a lot like life, They are very logical, but you can never work out the rules, even if you spend all your time thinking about this.

The most random events seem to occur in our lives... and yet, in retrospect.. it all falls into place... there seems to be a pattern and a reason... except it alludes us in the present.


  1. Its good if you can find reason and logic in daily occurrences. It helps soothe your mind, as it gives you sense of control, when you actually have no control over things.. 😊

    1. I agree.. finding a rationale has a soothing effect... but often, the answer is not so easily found..