27 October, 2010

Energize yourself with Words

So what are the different sources of energy that come to your mind... 
Petrol , Gas , Nuclear Fission , Fusion , Photoelectric....

Here's a new source.. Words.. 
They can propel your thought.. Move you to action... 
Make you realize your potential.. and if the push (read words) is strong enough, then ensure action :)

They can hold your thoughts and build your potential...
break the dam of patience and result in a flood...

19 October, 2010

Lifecycle... Vicious Circle

Every thought, every emotion , every action has its own lifecycle...

From the initial kisk.. to the euphoria & the heat to accomplish.. to the joy of fulfilment... to the satisfaction that the needful has been done... to the emptiness that nothing is left to do.. 
till we find something new again to kick start the whole process again :)

03 October, 2010


Borrowed from Pravs.. couldn't find anything more apt


I like keeping it simple... or atleast that' s what I've tried so far...
Then why do I suddenly feel like I'm complicating it for myself... 

Maybe because life became to mundane, and its time for some change...

14 September, 2010


"My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute."
~ Ayn Rand

06 September, 2010


"... the quality of men who are selected by these modern democratic methods of adult franchise gradually deteriorates because of lack of thinking and the noise of propaganda...

He [the voter] reacts to sound and to the din, he reacts to repetition and he produces either a dictator or a dumb politician who is insensitive..."

This is what Nehru had to say about the Indian Democratic System when the Indian system was being created....and to think the description is even more apt today, where we have politicians & citizens who lack the passion that existed in those days..

Jinhe Naaz hai Hind par wo Kahaa hai..
Kahaa hai kahaa hai kahaa hai  !!!

17 August, 2010

Learn... Unlearn .. Relearn

We are all like Sponges... soaking up what we see / hear and assimilate around us...
but every sponge has its capacity to absorb..

So till we dry up or throw out some of the stuff we've got inside... we'll stop soaking it up...

Habit is a second nature which prevents us from knowing the first, of which it has neither the cruelties nor the enchantments. "
~ Marcel Proust

16 July, 2010


Thought... rumination...
Beauty... reflection...
Feelings... emotion...
Dreams.. ambition..

29 June, 2010

Night .. not a friend

2 girls... nonchalantly chewing gum... casually dressed in jeans and t-shirt...
could have been anyone... who's to tell the difference...

the fact that it was the middle of the night (don't we all haunt the streets of Delhi at odd hours).. 

or that they were with a pimp..

made me feel insecure... sad....

13 June, 2010

Marriage :P

Here's my solution to Communal Riots & Religious strife...
The government should give incentives for... 

Intercaste / Inter-religion Marriage

It will then become all in the family :D

02 June, 2010


Living in the fast paced lives that we do.. we have very few things in our live that we do outside of the circle of work... 
So when we go out to watch movies, most of us go for sheer enjoyment... so the farther the movie from reality, the greater the chances of the crowd enjoying it..
Don't get me wrong, there are still few connoisseurs of good serious cinema which is closer to reality.. but the breed is fast depleting...
N why not... 
Blame it on our lifestyles !!!

27 May, 2010

The End of Imagination

I've been reading a collection of essay's by Arundhati Roy.. Some of the stuff she has to say makes a lot of sense.. here's a sample...

"The nuclear bomb is the most anti-democratic, anti-national, anti-human, outright evil thing that man has ever made.

If you are religious, then remember that this bomb is Man's challenge to God.
It's worded quite simply: We have the power to destroy everything that You have created.

If you're not (religious), then look at it this way. This world of ours is four thousand, six hundred million years old.
It could end in an afternoon."

For anyone who wants to atttempt reading them, here is one of them, titled "The End of Imagination", which featured both in FrontlineOutlook.

24 May, 2010

Present v/s Future

The more I see my grandparents and parents, more I feel that it is important to live in the present, for the present.
But the more we live just for the present, more complicated our future seems to be getting.  

23 May, 2010

Quenching Thirst

Ever watered plants in the summer heat... 
Not only is it a satisfying experience (because the plants suddenly seem alive ! ), the smell of wet mud is intoxicating.

It somehow isn't important whether the plants thanked me in words.. what I gave led to the satisfaction, that of good use, and that's all that matters.

28 April, 2010

Virtual Reality

Ayn Rand's world of perfect competition is one in which I'd love to live in.... where everything is as per my capability and capacity, the fruit I get it what I've earnt.. 
and I have no family to satisfy...
and I have absolute health... no worry of diseases (I'm not talking about a diseased thought though)..

21 April, 2010

Passing the buck

We all have the tendency to blame our parentage for most things.. for our habits, opinions, things we do wrong...
We do learn quite a lot from our parents, but then blaming it all on them, and simply passing the buck (for not doing something the right way) is just escapism..

Its about time (considering we've spent about a quater of a century on this planet) that we stake claim to our actions and doings.

02 April, 2010


Here's my friend's status message... liked it a lot...

Main logon se mulaqaton ke lamhe yaad rakhti hoon,
Main baatein bhool bhi jaon, toh lehje yaad rakhti hoon,
Sar-e-mehfil nigahein mujh pe jin logon ki parti hai,
Nigahon ke hawale se main chehre yaad rakhti hoon,
Zara sa hut ke chalti hoon zamane ki riwayat se,
Ke jin pe bhoj main daloon woh kandhe yaad rakhti hoon!

24 March, 2010

One More Time

The fastest judgements we make are about others.
And the ones we accept the slowest are about ourselves.

So by the time we realise the judgement is right, more often than not, we've already made the mistake again.

No wonder they say that History repeats itself :) :)

17 March, 2010

Onions.. All of us

We are all like onions...
We need to peel the layers, to finally reach the core...
But we weep so much in the process, that we give up midway...

An Exchange Offer

The basis of everything in life seems to be Exchange...
A favour for another.. some help for some more...
Give and take... 

Maybe I'm stupid... to think that its not about what you give or take.. its just what you wish to do... unconditional.. without compulsion or guilt...