19 October, 2010

Lifecycle... Vicious Circle

Every thought, every emotion , every action has its own lifecycle...

From the initial kisk.. to the euphoria & the heat to accomplish.. to the joy of fulfilment... to the satisfaction that the needful has been done... to the emptiness that nothing is left to do.. 
till we find something new again to kick start the whole process again :)


  1. A nice post.

    I wonder if its initial KISK or initial RISK. But I can relate to the emptiness that nothing is left to do... probably you can add a line about the situation when we have a lot to do, but are not able to decide what to do!

  2. @Manik : true... having a lot to do is the other end of the spectrum i guess... will leave it for some other post :)

    @Sindu: Thanks