30 April, 2017

Social Campaign

After a long time, a brand has chosen a strong social message through its campaign. 
Vicks in its latest advertisement has chosen an issue which has been debated in various forums, but with no outcome.

The last such socially relevant campaign was done by Tata Tea through Jaago Re, where it pushed all citizens of this country to vote. It helped that they covered the entire spectrum of issues faced by voters, from applying for a voter ids to understanding a constituency, and not just the ad campaigns.

Very often, these ads leave a message which might not occur to you at the face of it, but which successfully plays on your subconscious.

I hope Indians are able to churn out more such campaigns, which help Indians in becoming more and more aware.


  1. You really observe what all others are not able to see.

    Your point about such advertisements successfully playing with our subconscious made me feel very, very good. It means that there still is hope...that too at a subconscious level! There is not only hope that our attitudes can improve at subconscious level, but that there is at least some good inherent in us.

    1. Thanks KK :)
      Such campaigns just give me hope..