22 January, 2017

Choices and Aspirations

This is an important question... There is no right answer..I think it is each woman to her own...

Though they haven't provided the answer, Titan has managed to capture most of the thoughts growing in our minds...

We all have our thoughts on what kind of parents we'd like to be... what all we'd aspire for our child, and what in turn we achieve ourselves...

But in most cases, becoming parents (especially mothers) suddenly changes their lives where all hopes and aspirations are for the child, almost neglecting oneself... 

I wonder what I'd do when the time comes !!


  1. From the video you shared, it is not about what you will do when the time comes. It is about what you have been doing and seeing through your life.

    When the time comes, things come together in a way one can never imagine, but in a way that seems very, very obvious in hindsight.

    1. True... but a lot of it has to do with mindset, and that is exactly what this ad has targetted. We are often presented with many opportunities, and we forgo them due to the current circumstance... maternity is one such prime example in am woman's life..