06 April, 2016

Needs with Moods

Holidays are therapeutic... They calm you down... they ease out the pace of our fast moving life and heart.. and give you time to think and assess, about what we are actually doing with it..

That been said, having the right company is equally important...
If my holiday was because I was not satisfied with what I was getting out of life and needed to find an answer, the only company I'd need is myself, with probably a good book or a diary...

But the same company could be a recipe for disaster if I was depressed and dissatisfied with the way my life was turning out..

Same person... different hues...


  1. yeah, everyone needs a break and some me-time too.
    especially writers :)

    happy holidays!

    1. :) True that...
      If only we could control the way we spend our holidays !