19 March, 2013

Atheist v/s Theist

A friend recently shared these quotes with me. Made a lot of sense.

“An Atheist who refuses to enter a temple because he doesn’t believe in God actually does so because he believes there is God inside Temple.”

“A Theist who prays to God, actually has no faith in God because he prays for God to do things his way, instead of trusting God’s wisdom and not praying at all.”


  1. No matter how much I pretend about being an atheist in my mind, I have been guilty of the second quote more times than I remember.

    By the way, anyone who wants to think about God's existence or lack of it must read Bhagat Singh's Why I am an atheist


    1. I think most of us are...
      The strife between not wanting to believe & the lack of self confidence is what does the trick !