31 March, 2012


that thought in my head... it doesn't seem to go..
when i should have said what i'd known...
but couldn't seem to find the right moment to do..

now life has given me a moment's grace..
to say what i want to.. so i don't take it to my grave..
my mind is doing a somersault...
'coz i have time enough, just to mention 'em all...

and that's what i deserve in the end...

something i wanted to say, but was left stuck in my head..

PS: This is another masterpiece by MC Escher


  1. Rightly written Dwiti :)
    people want to say many things but can't because of many reasons and procrastinate it by considering having much time. when the thing is right don't hinder. a good message :)

    new follower :)

  2. Quite an interesting write up!

  3. Thanks Vinayak !!
    I think we wonder too long what others might think... and the moments just passes us by...

  4. happens so often! and you have expressed it aptly

  5. Well expressed. Most of the times, we might have to end up suppressing our words, because of so many reasons, waiting for the right moment, that we might end up taking it to the grave. Nicely written :-)

    1. I guess we are trained to think before we speak.. so we think too much...

  6. Something on the mind... needs to be told:) Nice thoughts!