25 November, 2010

Life & Nature

I was high (in the air.. what did you think ;)) when it all came to me....

Clouds are like dreams... we see them give shape of our thoughts..
And when dreams collide...  it rains !! Eureka!!
which then either go down the drain (literally !!) or do something more constructive...


  1. Even I've been high for a while.. but never seen you around. Where have you been?

    P.S. This post really brought these words out of me. Don't mind though.

  2. :)
    been around.. but the world out there is so big.. its easy to get lost ;)

  3. No more, the world's not so big anymore.. Cuz i think i've found you in this big world.. I say this since i can relate to all you've written in "~Reflections~'.. in the sense that these are the words i would express 'me' at some point or another.. atleast in my thoughts if not to anyone else..

  4. glad you can relate to them...
    M sure there are a lot of thoughts like these floating in the head !

  5. I've taken to read your entire blog.. starting from Nov'05.. Will see ya after I'm through.