25 February, 2009

Rehna Tu !

Ratti bhar bhi sanam
Bina sajaawat milaawat
Na jyaada na hi kamm
Tuhje chaahon jaisa hai tu
Mujhe tere barish mein beegna hai ghuljaana hai
Tujhe chaahon jaisa hai tu
Mujhe tere lapat mein jalna raakh ho jaana hai

We all dream of ideal love.. and Prasoon Joshi has expressed it perfectly..
But the point still remains, do we ever let the person be...


  1. Ideal love can only be possible if both partners are ideal themselves.

    You may love a person because you love some aspect of him/her. If you can help him/her discover the best of him/her in some aspects with your changes, you show you truly care about and love that person. In that case...rehna tu fails :)

  2. "Rehna Tu" fails more often than not.. since we all try to make our partner more and more like us... and in the effort try and change things.. it is very rare that we accept our partner without any changes at all...

  3. Reminds me of Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd where the director portrays a couple that never fights, likes everything about each other, never asks partner to change anything in them..in short an ideal couple.

    Final scene reveals them to be superman and superwoman with all the costumes and abilities :).