26 July, 2007


every man has his purpose
and the purpose of his life is to find his purpose on this planet
but when the purpose of living on this planet is found
the whole purpose of life is lost...

what a paradox !!

Quote :
"Only fools dream all day.
The smart people dream only at night."


  1. " by the very essence of co-existance,contractions do not exist .. if you have one. check your premises "
    may the purpose of life is not to find the purpose .. plain simple living is rewarding enough ...

  2. well said.. quoting Ayn Rand seems quite appropriate..

    but ultimately, we are still looking for a purpose..

  3. How do you categorize those people who live their dream day and night? And yes...objectively, it isnt finding the purpose of life that is the purpose of life...but living it and hence i dont see any paradox

  4. point taken...
    infact living your dream is the best kind of life...