07 February, 2007


From the day we are born , its drilled into us that one shouldn't cry...

A simple expression of emotions and feeling is denied by calling the child a cry baby. More so with a guy. A guy willing to express his feelings is called feminine.

With adults scolding us , asking us not to behave like a spoilt child, crying all the time , it seems to have become a part of our system that it is not good to cry.

I m not here to advocate people weeping all the time... but sometimes crying is just the best way to vent it out of our system. It needn't be necessarily done in public , but there is no harm in crying one's heart out.But somehow , most people are shy to admit it. Its as if you are brave because you didn't cry.

I feel it takes guts to freely express oneself, without bothering about what others think.

Quote :
Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water.
~Antoine Rivarol


  1. amazin post as usual dwitz....somehow ur post make me feel lite....n cryin is somethin dat makez u feel so lite...u feel so so i mean d feelin is not easy 2 put in wordz....i do cry sometimez....not easy 2 cry in front of people coz they wont understand.....i thinki have 2 refer those kind of people 2 ya blog ;).....-swoosh.....happy v day.....

  2. i know.. its not easy to cry.. but its not wrong to cry either.. and its not a sissy thing to do either.. i mean male or female.. anyone can cry..