27 March, 2021

The Mind

There are a million thoughts running in my head right now... 
But the mind appears to be calm.. radio silence... 

Does that mean too much chaos results in peace??? 
Then why is there so much fuss around trying to focus our thoughts? 

But in all the randomness, there is a pattern!!! 

18 February, 2021

Creator re-created

I never thought creating something will create a new being in me. 
This part of me seems to be a new find, even to myself.

I guess its the circle of life... being created and then re-created, till the end of life.

08 January, 2021

Communication !

Growing up has various signs.. from the way our body changes to how our language evolves... But the more our language evolves, the lesser we seem to use words effectively.

Like Pluto (in Dil Dhadakne Do) comments on this strange paradox, humans have all the tools to communicate all their thoughts (clearly and effectively), they choose to (more often than not) mince words and resort to subtle signs. 

Sigh !

How much easier life would've been if we'd use the faculties nature has blessed us with !

31 December, 2020

Learnings from The 2020

This year has been exceptional in more ways than one... That the pandemic hit all of us is just the cause which snowballed into many effects (some drastic) for a lot of us. 

To say that I am thankful would be an understatement... thankful that I got rest when I needed it (due to the lockdown), thankful that I've been blessed with my bundle of joy despite all odds, thankful for a lot of things... but most importantly thankful that my near and dear are all fine, emotionally, physically and financially.

So here's my takeaway from this year...

1. There is often good in all the negativity that surrounds us. While this might sound like management jargon, it's true. On a personal front, lockdown provided the perfect opportunity to work from home and rest when I could, which really helped. But even in a more general sense, the air became cleaner.. City dwellers could suddenly hear chirping birds and spot stars in a clear (read smokeless) sky. 

2. Reinventing oneself takes time and energy, but is not impossible. The sudden announcement of a lockdown brought the whole country down on its knees. After a fortnight, companies were still found grappling with the idea of 'Work from Home', a term which would soon become common lingo. But then, thanks to the fearless frontend workers (read Doctors/Medical staff, Health workers, Delivery personnel and Police) and the use of technology, the country got back. 

3. A Clear realization that everyone has to do their work for you to be able to do yours. While having to do household chores for atleast the initial 2 months of the lockdown provided a surge to the sales of washing machines, sweeping robots and dishwashers, it also helped all of us realize that the 'other chores' of the house which are conveniently allocated to the domestic help and maids is not menial work but actually essential. The flipside is also that lots of households had new found masterchefs living with them :)  

We seem to have readjusted our expectations to work from home, online classes instead of school and zoom/video calls instead of physically meeting family and friends, a large majority seems to be cut off from the bitter reality that this pandemic has shown them. Media might have written about the migrant labour problem at length, but most of us from our glass windows conveniently read all this and sigh, but don't find a way to make it better.

There is enough and more people who have lost their jobs suddenly (due to offices which have shutdown), children in these houses who were forced to do odd jobs to supplement the meagre household incomes, government school kids waiting for school to reopen (since they don't have the luxury of attending online classes for lack of infrastructure at home). 

The only hope is that this year teaches us to respect everyone and everything - nature and humans alike, and empathize with what the others are going through. Find ways of helping others without crushing their confidence or self respect. Hopefully the pandemic is not just about social distancing, instagram posts of gourmet dishes cooked and WFH, but also about developing respect for one another's effort and time.

16 December, 2020

One Look Is Worth a Thousand Words

One of the most impactful modes of communication for companies is advertisements. In most companies, lots of thought foes into what they wish to convey to their audience.

While ads from the likes of Tata Group (read Tata Tea, Titan and Tanishq) have always been a cut above the rest, there are few other brands/companies which have consistently managed to break through the noise to deliver meaningful messages.

Take for instance Ghadi Detergent, a brand from RSPL Ltd (a Kanpur based company) which has used the punchline #SaareMaelDhoDaalo to deliver beautiful messages, be it about forgetting old grudges, our prejudices about certain professions, the different hues of a mothers or respecting the people who enable us to accomplish our daily work i.e. domestic helps.

Brooke Bond (an HUL brand), has also managed to deliver socially relevant messages through the brilliant campaigns like #TasteofTogetherness which has managed to shatter many myths, including the recent ad pertaining to the pandemic, or #TforTogetherness. Each of these ads are short, yet each of them manages to shatter many illusions our society lives under.

Another brand which seems to be consistent (albeit slightly feminist) in their messaging is Sabhyata (a Delhi based company selling ethnic apparel) which forces us to think differently and #RedefineThePerception.

11 December, 2020

Carpe Diem

I know this subject has been beaten to death everywhere including books...
Seize the day, like there is no tomorrow.

However, despite these repeated reminders we keep getting from everyone, the point is often lost.. till it hits home.... leaving behind heavy baggage...

We often postpone things, thinking we'll find a more opportunities in the future to do the necessary, say the needful... but alas !!

08 November, 2020

No one can have it all !

Some of us are wrong all the time, and all of us are wrong sometimes.
But that doesn't stop us from stressing over trying to get it all right - to be perfect.

Ironically, what we don't realize is that there is no perfect. One can't have it all.

Love the advice given by Renuka Shahane in one of the episodes (S02, E03) of the web-series called What the Folks by Dice Media.

Afterall, no one can have it all !!! Just let the ball drop once in a while.